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2016 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

2016 01 Trends 2015 was a great year for brands embracing digital. New publication and promotion platforms emerged, podcasting made a comeback and 360 degree immersive video became widely available with or without fancy headsets. It was also a year where many ‘best practices’ really started showing their wear, leaving new opportunities for nimble brands to dominate regardless of budget. Here are a few trends to adopt, and best practices to update, as we move into the New Year.

2016 01 Trends Hypertargetting Email Hypertargetted Cross-Channel Remarketing

A clean sweep in buzzword bingo also happens to be a huge competitive advantage for data-driven brands. Learn how the most competitive brands are using this blend of market tech to get the most impactful messaging to the best audience at the right time.  Continue reading →  

2016 01 Trends Mobile Brick and Mortar Email Brick and Mortar Retail Embraces Mobile Experiences

After years of fighting in fear of mobile show-rooming, smart retailers will see the value of the empowered shopper. This will be a year when breakthrough in-store experiences adapt to, not fight against, strong consumer habits, while brands earn ROI beyond the point of sale. Continue reading →  

2016 01 Engagement Email Engagement over Interruption

Is there a lesson in great advertising and content publishing to be learned from a hot, crowded singles nightclub? Our most unlikely wedüite to talk about nightclubs suggests rethinking your role can make you the de facto center of attention that the crown, and your audience, loves. No leisure suit required. Continue reading →  

2016 01 Trends Immersive Email Surviving an Immersive Content Bubble

If you haven’t done it yet, 2016 will be the year you hold your phone to your face with a cardboard View-Master while you spin around in an office chair. Its ok, we’re all doing it. Accessible, affordable immersive video is finally here. Is it the next great storytelling tool, or the next generation of novelty red/blue glasses? Who will win by diving in, and who will flop from waiting? Continue reading →  

2016 01 Trends Death of Press Release Email Death of the Press Release

Many claim that bulk/wired press releases aren’t going anywhere in 2016. We couldn’t agree more. The ‘bulk PR’ habits many pros have picked up over the past decade aren’t earning pick up anymore. How will the best rebuild their PR to stand for more than “press release” again? Continue reading →  

2016 01 Trends Marketing Automation for All Email Marketing Automation for All – Good News and Bad.

The good news is that marketing automation has made massively scaled communications with customers and prospects easier than ever. You can now send more to your lists than ever. The bad news? So is every other business, competitor or not. How will smart brands ensure their messaging makes it through the hoard? Continue reading →  

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