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2016 Trends to Watch – Brick and Mortar Embraces Mobile

2016 01 Trends Mobile Brick and Mortar

Smart Retailers Adapt, Not Fight Against, Consumer Habits

2014 into 2015, retailers like Best Buy fought showrooming by pledging more competitive prices. The FCC had stepped in to ensure no brand couldn’t block Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity to help ensure all brands stayed on the up and up. While the amount of revenue lost to showrooming behavior reduced, the number of shoppers showrooming still rose. Between showrooming, in-store research and other touchpoints in the decision what and from whom to buy, 1 in 4 mobile users refer to their handheld internet connections. Knowing that, adding brand value to the mobile experience can help shepherd shoppers away from competitive offers while serving their need to seek out the best possible deal. Following the charge of Target’s Cartwheel app and Ibotta, smart retailers will continue to introduce showrooming alternatives as retailers learn to replace, rather than try to get shoppers to quit mobile showrooming cold turkey. The best solutions will need to blend game mechanics with consumer behavior, using deals as rewards. It’s a bigger investment, but collected user data to fuel smarter marketing will help platform investments generate faster returns on initial program investments. Look for retailer-owned options, as well as an influx of scrappy, cross-store niche offers for brands to offer smarter couponing at any location, such as bevRage. But wait! There’s more digital marketing trends to watch in 2016! Check out our full list here 

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