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2016 Trends to Watch – Death of the Press Release

2016 01 Trends Death of Press Release

Is the Editorial Inbox as good as the Spam Folder?

Speaking of overfilled inboxes, publication editors are people too. Whether they’re bloggers, a trade pub, YouTubers or the Times, they’re pretty sick of your lazy PR approach. I’m talking to you, years 2001 to 2015. The ease of poor press releases thanks to affordable, scalable, spammable wire services, means that finding the best and most applicable content for publications is like finding a needle in a pile of something that is very agricultural, but smells much worse than hay. Unless you’re a brand that the publisher looks out for (Google, Apple) or are a PR professional that has earned a reputation for never sending ‘pile pitches,’ expect to earn more automated pickup in poorly read, unfeatured areas, but little in impressions that can make an impact. In 2016, smart brands will craft interesting, clickable content that serves the target publication’s needs as well as your brand. Trusted PR partners will consider themselves an advocate of both brand and the shifting definition ‘publication.’ When both parties find themselves in a mutually beneficial relationship, the PR strategy was an absolute match maker. If only one party is benefiting from the relationship, that activity is illegal in most states. But wait! There’s more digital marketing trends to watch in 2016! Check out our full list here 

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