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2016 Trends to Watch – Engagement over Interruption

2016 01 Trends Engagement

When the Club is Crowded, Be the Bartender

I’ve always likened engagement v. interruptions to a crowded nightclub scenario. Think back to your singles days of pub hopping (or modern networking). There are four ways to get attention in a bar: The first is to approach each person in the bar individually. High labor, but you count on eventually getting a positive response. The second is to where the most obnoxious, peacockish garb you own, and attempt to speak over the crowd in broadcast. Those sound a bit like cold calling and traditional advertising approaches, and they work about as well. Better to choose from the other two options. Be the best bartender or the main entertainment (either officially, or by dance floor). In this, you’re looking to be the person who makes the experience special, memorable and remarkable. You’re there to support the crowd, and they support you in turn. In 2015, Hulu rolled out ad-free, streaming radio continued to grow and YouTube launched their ad-free Red experience. Ad blockers, premium subscriptions and ‘banner blindness’ are making it harder for advertisers to interrupt their audiences’ days. This is great news for the audience, but not-so-great news for publishers, platforms and brands relying on advertisements. Engaging sponsored content (infotainment or entertainment) on both owned and paid channels will become paramount for brands. We’re seeing this already with the return of the ‘advertorial’ in digital formats, but look for more modern twists such as sponsored YouTube influencer videos. In addition to outreach, successful brands with the resources available will begin viewing themselves more as publishers. No matter their product, building their blogs, email, podcasts and YouTube channels with the same rigor for subscriptions as any publisher would. But wait! There’s more digital marketing trends to watch in 2016! Check out our full list here 

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