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2016 Trends to Watch – Hypertargetted Cross-Channel Remarketing

2016 01 Trends Hypertargetting

Smarter Placement Strategies Yield Big Acquisition

All of 2015’s favorite buzzwords got together for a powerful digital marketing super team that blends big data, ‘small’ data and our favorite marketing platforms. If I were Oprah, hypertargetted cross-channel remarketing would be the favorite thing for 2016. Remarketing is known best for allowing brands to show their products and services to past purchasers, cart-abandoners or specific web traffic, often in display advertising or email: It’s that Amazon item you almost bought that is now following you around the internet. The cross-channel remix of that allows this same user data to be mixed into new ad channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Instagram either by email, web tracking or a combination. The hyper-targeted refinement also allows brands to refine the reach of each message even further, allowing for brands to remarket to moms with mom messaging, reach out to specific geographic areas with local deals or borrow from each platforms big data partners to target based on modelled behavioral profiles. This changes the ad game a bit. Smart brands will use this blend of technologies to improve conversion rates by recapturing potentially lost opportunities. Meanwhile, the better targeting allowed by platform data partners and your brand’s own data will allow for higher conversions while reducing the cost per acquisition. Most of the platforms in this mix have no or low minimum ad budget investment, meaning that startups and short budgets can compete by out maneuvering larger competition, rather than being crushed by larger marketing budgets’ competitive spending force. And for brands blessed with the more substantial budgets, applying the same precision principal will bring you leaps and bounds beyond slower-to-adapt competitive rivals. But wait! There’s more digital marketing trends to watch in 2016! Check out our full list here

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