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2016 Trends to Watch – Immersive Content

Nimble Brands Cash In on Accessible Novelty, but is this Version of Virtual Reality a Magic Bullet?

Immersive, 360 video in both 2D and 3D flavors is quickly becoming more easily accessible from most mobile devices with or without headgear. In turn, more agencies, videographers and boutiques are rising to support the demand for an immersive 2016. Like early 3D cinema, immersive is still being used for the sake of being used, offering little to the experience’s core story. It’s pasted on, and it’s really cool. But that means that the value of immersive video is, for now, the novelty alone. Novelty works, but it doesn’t have much of a shelf life. Nimble brands can, and are, capturing it. Riding the wave of showcasing a new kind of experience with their own product in tow. ‘Planner brands,’ do still have an opportunity provided their approach doesn’t rely on the fact that an experience is immersive, but that they use the technology to better explain, demonstrate, or infotain what they do or what their brand stands for. My inner AV nerd knows that 360 degree video can do many things exceptionally well. Unlike a traditional directional cinematography, which points the audience at the main action, immersive allows the audience’s eyes to wander – in fact it’s the whole point. This makes it great for taking in a scene, but not as strong for dialog and storytelling. (In the current 360 video, audio doesn’t follow your head movement.) Expect expanded use in tourism, gaming and sports, where being passively ‘in the action’ with wandering eyes is crucial to the experience. But wait! There’s more digital marketing trends to watch in 2016! Check out our full list here 

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