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3 Channels All B2B Marketing Plans Should Include!

B2B Marketing, or Business to Business marketing, has transformed drastically over the years. Just as fast as technology changes and develops, so shouldn’t every good B2B marketing plan. Today, thanks to the ever growing and changing world of technology, businesses have a whole new set of channels to help better serve their business. Let’s look at the three of the best channels that can positively impact your B2B marketing plan. 

Email Marketing

Although e-mail marketing isn’t a new tool for businesses, it is a necessity in B2B marketing plans. Important benefits of email marketing include the ability to segment and closely target your audience, test campaign messaging, and measure results. It is an effective tool for both existing clients, and prospective new clients. Here are a few reasons why email marketing should be integrated into your B2B marketing plan.
  • Custom Messaging – There is no pre-defined messaging template in email marketing. You aren’t locked in by rules, character limitations etc. Email marketing gives you the ability to write and create a clear, concise and brand tailored message for your business. Your recipients will want to engage by reading and learning more.
  • Targeting – Segment the businesses you are reaching out to with specific email messages and use that tailored messaging to convert greater numbers into a sale.
  • Data and Analysis – It’s all well and good to send out emails, but if you don’t know what that email is doing when it arrives in the inbox, it was a waste of time. Email marketing tools have data and analyses that show you exact clicks, opens and conversions. Use this data and analyze it for the benefit of your B2B plan, whether it’s broadening or narrowing the group you sent it to or altering your message use the tool to make your next e-campaign even more beneficial.


I know what you are thinking, YOUTUBE riiiight! But really, YouTube is one of the hottest tools being used by many of the top B2B brands. Some of the main reasons for the shift to YouTube are the truly astonishing statistics of users now on the site that could be considered the second largest search engine. Here are a few reasons if your business isn’t on YouTube, to get on it.
  • Creativity – It’s a place to showcase your company’s creativity. Whether you use a production house to create a top of the line video or someone in the office using an iPad, YouTube is a place where people come to see visuals, product demonstrations, face-to-face reactions to products or services. Give them the creative and visual experience they are looking for.
  • Low cost – Unless you are using a major production house to produce this multi-million dollar film the cost is minimal. It costs nothing to own a page and nothing to upload video. So UPLOAD, share your video, and watch your subscribers grow.
  • Reach – as statistics ( show from YouTube you can’t deny the reach your business’ video could have, but another great thing about this platform is its mobile ability. Not many tools, especially for no cost, give you the ability to reach your businesses “on-the-go.” YouTube has a great mobile application that just continues to broaden your business’ B2B reach.


Slideshare is already known for being a “business” savvy social tool, but what about its use as an actual marketing tool for businesses? B2B marketers have been aggressively integrating this tool into marketing plans providing an innovative way to reach businesses. Here are just a few of the major benefits to using this tool!
  • Meetings – No more downloads required. Upload your presentation, give the businesses the dedicated line and off you go easily sharing and communicating the information.
  • Large Upload – Truly making your brand stand out from others businesses, Slideshare gives your business the ability to upload large files, high res graphics, e-books, and research papers. Your business will not be limited by the amount of information it can share.
  • New Pro Feature – Slideshare just released the new Pro feature for its already amazing site. Businesses and individuals can use the site for free, but to increase your B2B plan upgrade to the Pro version for a low monthly fee, and have the ability to create branded pages. Easily share access between all other social media platforms, and see oodles of analytics to make sure your presentations are on the right track.
With technology and customers continuously shifting, it isn’t a surprise that many B2B marketing plans need to adapt with new tech opportunities and the preferences of their audience. Make sure your company is aware of all of the innovative and creative ways to make your B2B marketing plan come alive in the face of other businesses.

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