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3 Important Benefits of Digital Public Relations. Benefit 2: Content Generation

digital public relationsIn my last post, I highlighted the SEO benefits of bringing your public relations (PR) efforts online and part of your digital marketing plan. In this, the second installment of a three-part series, we will look at the content generation benefits digital public relations can bring to your company’s blog.

Benefit #2: Content Generation

First and foremost, when it comes to blogging, you can never have too much quality content. The blogs with the highest subscription rates generally all post regular and often. A lapse in posting for a prolonged period can lead to a drop off in visitors, which will take a while to get back. That being said, it can be really tough sometimes to generate regular content, especially if your company doesn’t have a dedicated blogger. This is where PR comes in. Having your content team work closely with your public relations team will give them access to additional content. Just about anything that is announced through traditional public relations can be made into some sort of blog post if a content manager can dress it up creatively. I have seen some of the most mundane, generic company announcements generate some of the highest traffic counts for their blog because of the great image or catchy headline used. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to be misleading. You still want to attract visitors that are interested in your brand. You just need to be creative about it. On the flipside, a close relationship with your content generators may help your public relations team generate ideas and content for their pitches. Having PR familiar with what your thought leaders are saying may give them an additional angle or topic that they otherwise wouldn’t have seen. A strong digital PR program generally yields valuable relationships with online journalists and bloggers. Some of these relationships can be parlayed into a fairly successful guest blogger program. Guest blogger programs are great because they offer both sides with additional, quality blog content that is so valuable in the digital marketing world. Placing your company’s thought leaders on well-read blogs in a guest posting capacity gives your company awesome exposure and builds authority for your products and services. Their goal, like yours is always to drive traffic, so they are likely to publicize your post on their social networks and email subscriber list, placing your brand in front of leads that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Of course, a guest post also gives you yet another quality, PR-generated backlink for your SEO efforts. Securing an industry influencer for a guest post on your blog puts you in the same conversation as the influencer, which builds authority for your brand. If the influencer has enough name recognition within your circles, a mention of their participation in your blog is likely to encourage more referrals from your social communities than other posts do. Influencer guest posts also open up your brand to their personal networks as they are likely to publicize their own piece. So we have now discussed how digital PR can play pivotal roles in your company’s SEO and Content Generation efforts. In my next post, I will be going over ways in which digital PR can benefit your company’s Social Media efforts. Please be sure to sign up at the top of the right menu for email notifications so you don’t miss the follow-ups to this post!   Image Credit:
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