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3 Tips To Score Big This Sunday (And Why You Can’t Say Super Bowl 50)

With the Big Game a mere three days away you may be wondering how to piggy back on its popularity to increase sales, engagement or just to get your name out. Unfortunately, the NFL makes it difficult as brands can’t use the Super Bowl copyright unless you have paid to be an official game supporter. Curious how much that would that cost? How about $150,000 per second? That’s right folks, a 30 second television spot during The Big Game will cost you a minimum of $4.5 million for a TV ad. I’m not going to say you shouldn’t spend the money, but if you can’t spend the money, here are 3 alternative ways to boost your sales opportunities this weekend.
  1. Be Real-Time: If you work with a digital agency, hire them to be on call for the weekend to play up any possible reference to your brand. A great example of this is the Oreo campaign from 2013. The “You Can Still Dunk In The Dark” tweet received huge engagement and was regarded very highly by industry experts. Oreo had their digital team on standby waiting for something like this and they made it happen in under 15 minutes. Trust your agency to do the same and the rewards could be huge. I’ll leave you with this fact: Oreo had a 60 second spot during half time as well, which piece of their Big Game mix was more memorable? Screenshot_020116_103728_AM
  2. Be In-Context: Does your brand sell physical goods? Just because you can’t say the name of the event in your marketing without fear of receiving a cease and desist letter doesn’t mean you can’t play up the football angle in stores. Set up displays that look like goal posts, arrange items in team colors to look like they are on opposing sides, or give away footballs with purchase. wedu football
  3. Be Smart With Targeting: You can’t say the game name, but you can use the official hashtag and target fans of the competing teams. Reallocate some of your existing PPC spend for Twitter or Facebook ad spend and watch your sales spike. wedu recently ran a campaign targeting Pats fans and sales of a popular Irish Whiskey grew during that time frame by nearly 30%.
Want to learn more about why you can’t say the name of the game in your ads? The Broadcast Law blog gives an in depth guide. If you want to learn more about how your brand can take advantage of events like The Big Game in a digital sense, connect with us!  
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