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Instagram Stories Boost Social Engagement

What many assumed would be nothing more than a fad or SnapChat’s awkward step-sister, has become a force to be reckoned with. Even if you don’t love them, it appears that Instagram stories are here to stay and are only gaining more fans. SnapChat’s once impressive 191 million daily users have been blown away by Instagram’s 400 million daily story users. In addition to that, Instagram boasts 23% more engagement than Facebook. Are you still not convinced? Maybe the 1 billion monthly story users will convince you. Yes, you read that right, 1 billion people utilize their stories a month and that number is only set to grow. Are you convinced now? Any successful and relevant digital marketer needs to be aware that Instagram stories are no longer an innovative or extra piece of a marketing campaign, they are a crucial part of one. Just as you would never consider leaving out organic social content, you can no longer afford to leave out Instagram stories. The work of a marketer is to get brands in front of the right consumers and right now, consumers are eagerly spending a lot of their time on Instagram flipping through stories. To the outsider, Instagram stories might not be what you think. Just because your niece uses them obnoxiously or your co-worker immaturely, doesn’t mean that they can’t fit in with your brand. For every badly done Instagram story in your feed, there’s a successful and impactful one too. Stories don’t have to be off the cuff or spontaneous, instead, they should always be well thought-out with a clearly defined goal or purpose in mind, even when they’re impromptu. The best Instagram stories will feel spontaneous and effortless but still manage to deliver an impactful and thoughtful message. While spontaneity and thoughtfulness may not sound like they mesh well together, they are the two most important ingredients in creating a successful story. Where many marketers go wrong is sacrificing their quality for the sake of creating a feeling of ease or effortlessness. This doesn’t need to be the case, a well-planned and executed story can, and should, still feel laid back but also give the audience clear direction. Be spontaneous by sharing spur of the moment content, whether it’s something “behind the scenes” or a peek of something which isn’t released to the public just yet, but share these actions, and others like them, with purpose. Don’t just show your audience something, tell them why it matters and what they should do with this information. Don’t just share information, get your audience hyped and tell them exactly why they need to know it. The intentional spontaneity of your very deliberate story will bring a touch of personalization and intimacy to your overall campaign, allowing your message and brand to be approached at a deeper level. Even the best ads rarely feel personalized and meaningful, but an ad camouflaged as a story can be. It sounds simple, yet so many Instagram stories are missing these glaringly obvious needs and thus falling short. While 2019 is still young and the digital world is forever changing, Instagram stories are one thing that you will be able to count on for the foreseeable future. In fact, as the digital world increases its value for transparent, genuine content, they are poised to only expand their horizons. So, warm up your story-telling voice and invite your audience to pull up a chair, because your brand’s new Instagram story will be something that they won’t want to miss.
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