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New “Waze” to Advertise

Waze, the inviting social navigation app from Google which boasts nearly 115 million active monthly users, is in the process of ramping up their ad business across the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. The app recently signed a deal with powerhouse WPP which will enable them to utilize ad formats and functionalities which weren’t possible before. These will allow Waze to roll out nonintrusive ads that will then be fed to users as they navigate the roadways. The ads will allow your business to target drivers based on their proximity to your location, making this advertising platform ideal for small businesses that consumers might not be familiar with otherwise. Businesses such as gas stations, restaurants, and hotels will greatly benefit as well, as drivers are often seeking these places of convenience when traveling. As for the ads themselves, Waze is offering three styles: Branded Pins: These work like a virtual store sign. As drivers and passengers view the in-app roadways, a branded pin ad will mark your business location to invite viewers to stop by your place of business and remind them of your presence along their route. Promoted Search: When users search for specific nearby locations (such as food or lodging), your promoted search ad will be brought to the top of the search results along with your logo and some basic information, allowing you to stand out from the competition. Zero-Speed Takeover: These ads work much like a digital billboard. When drivers are at a complete stop, your digital billboard ads will be displayed across the app for the users’ viewing. When it comes to results, Waze claims that number of business visits will increase a whopping 33%, via the use of their advertising platform. This digital billboard interface boasts the ability to identify exact levels of engagement and lead conversions, something that its print counterpart cannot. And with a fairly low barrier to entry at $2 a day, this style of campaign becomes even more appealing to all businesses looking for a quick to market, cheap alternative to the typical roadway billboard. While Waze is still very much in the early stages of developing their ad platform, the future looks bright. Their current targeting options include things such as weather, time of day, traffic levels, and destinations, but with Google ownership, we foresee this targeting growing vastly more detailed. Until then though, Waze will continue to offer businesses of all sizes a decently priced advertising platform for increasing brick and mortar foot traffic.
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