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7 Reasons Even Your Mom Would Ignore Your Email

One of the best sessions I went to at #INBOUND15 drew me in with it’s title. “7 Reasons Even Your Mom Would Ignore Your Email.” Catchy! It got me wondering, “what would it take for my mom to ignore my email?” So of course I attended this session and learned quite a bit. Let me share my newfound wisdom with you: E-mail marketing flat illustration 1)     You sent it at the wrong time. Emails should be sent on Tuesdays is no longer the right mentality because now everyone is doing it. Tuesday is ruined. HubSpot now says that Monday’s and Saturday’s are the best days to send your marketing emails, but I would argue that the best day and time to send your email will vary based on the business. Invest the time to do some testing of your next email and send it at crazy different times on different days and see what performed best for you. You might be surprised to see that an email sent Friday evening will sell out your next event in record time. 2)     Where did you get the email address? Some marketers are still using unauthorized bought lists! This is a big no no and can get you black listed with your email provider and will lead to extremely low open rates. Forms and imports are the two best ways of getting names onto your email-marketing list. Invest the time to have killer contents surrounding your forms so visitors will be engaged enough to give you their information. A real contact gives you permission to interrupt their day, a paid one just ignores you. There are exceptions to the bought list rule, just be sure to make sure the list is CAN-SPAM compliant, permission based and tested. 3)     Your email could use a dye job. Graymail is bulk messages that aren’t technically spam, because you did get permission, they’re somewhat targeted, and you’re a legitimate sender, but just like gray hair, most people don’t want them. An example of this is if you have a master list broken down by the type of pet people have. If you send a dog-oriented email to cat owners, they may open it because they recognize your brand, but they won’t follow through with any engagements because they aren’t the right audience. Adding people to an email for the sake of increased open rates is not the way to go. 4)     Don’t be creepy. Although including a personal touch can be awesome, don’t take it too far. Add a token for first and last name, but leave it at that. 5)     You kiss your mother with that mouth? I’ve worked with a lot of different brands over the years and I can’t think of one that it would be appropriate to use a swear in an email with. Other words to avoid? Evar! Urgent!! Win!! Free!  Actually, lets just avoid anything with multiple exclamation points. Even if you’re giving away something for free, don’t say it in the subject line, the word free in a subject line causes many programs to mark the message as spam.  Read your subject line out loud to help find spelling errors and get a second set of eyes on that email before sending. Remember that one ill placed letter can make a huge different. 6)     You made it too hard. When was the last time you tested your email template? If you had to think about it, it has been too long. Test for user experience and make sure it is a smooth process. More tips: Have someone not as close to it take a look. Have IT make sure SPF and DNS are setup correctly. Add more links! You will do better with every single link you add. Also make sure there is a clear call to action instead of 4 or 5 possibilities. 7)     The Internet’s down. There isn’t much advice to offer for this point other than not sending your emails during a power outage, but if you paid attention to point number 1, you’ll know the best times to send your email and you’ll be able to wait it out! The first email you send has a 67% chance of being opened, but if a subscriber ignores that first email, chances of the second email being opened goes down to 23% and the third to 0%. Follow these 7 tips and you’ll increase your chances of sending great emails that people actually want to get!
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