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7 Ways to Get Through Your Content Crossroad!

What is the number one cure for stale or flat traffic– from your websites to social media sites? You’ve heard it before, we’ve all heard it before, so we’ll say it again, content is king! Prioritizing your content will always lead to increased traffic. It’s no surprise that creating great content takes time, effort, and dedication. Many content creators take the easy path, creating material that provides zero benefits to their brand. Others see that as a chance to seize an opportunity. Here’s your chance. Read our 7 simple reminders that will help keep your content current, enticing, and fresh.  
  1. Put Out High-Quality Content!
The perfect medley for creating great content doesn’t exist, but here’s a start. Do you want to be engaging? Leave your readers wanting more. This does not mean don’t finish your blog post or whatever piece of content you’re creating. It means leave them with a chance to reflect on how they can apply what you just told them. Your introduction is your chance to hook your reader, so don’t miss it. Time says “55% of the average reader spends fewer than 15 seconds on a page.” Perhaps you’re not the average reader and you’ve stuck it out with us, so let us lead with this. When putting out content always tell your readers why they should care, and always ask yourself, would I want to read this?  
  1. Create strong headlines, subject lines, and captions!
Why? Because they guide your reader, site visitor, and prospective customer to the body of what you’re trying to tell them, but most importantly sell them! Let’s consider two of Harper’s Bazaar magazine covers. The first magazine cover was in the 1990s. It’s a beautiful magazine cover whose headlines prefaces what’s in the magazine, but no one stands out more than the other. Now let’s compare it to their most recent magazine cover. The headlines jump out at you. They too preface the magazine, but they draw you in to open up and look for the page that perhaps tells you about how to “Forget Perfect, Be Happy”. Harper Bazaar along with every other high fashion magazine understands that strong headlines sell magazines. Good headlines are successful tools, not just for magazines, but for every piece of content you put out. Make it powerful, make it persuasive and compel your customer to read what’s next.  
  1. Originality is key!
Let’s start with the obvious; when a consumer comes to your digital platforms, originality will set you apart from the competition. This can turn into more sales, more traffic, and overall more engagement, which is a great thing and an important goal you should have. Your consumer loving your content is a huge win for your business. There are, however, other more complex things that should get you excited about striving for more original content. Google will quite literally reward you for having no duplicate content and improve your site ranking. So, what does that mean for you? Great content will be your ally in improving your SEO rankings. Time and time again, it will also set you apart from the competition, and be a huge win when building your brand. It also means you have to stop using bots to create content and stop thinking “how do we get lots of content cheap.” Remember, you get what you pay for and what you put in is what you get out!  
  1. Is your content applicable?
Providing your readers with lessons they can apply right away will instantly make your content more valuable. Readers are on your sites for one of two reasons, either because of interest or because of intent. They’re either browsing because they’re interested in what you have to say, or they are looking for something specific. Keeping that in mind, make sure you’re providing content that is actionable to your readers. Readers love tips and tricks, why else would non-fictions’ always end up on the bestsellers’ lists? People constantly want to learn and improve, so make sure to always be sparking ideas in your readers through your actionable content!  
  1. Q&A?
More often than not, people are on your blog post, watching a video, or taking in your content looking for an answer. Ask yourself these questions before answering any of your readers’ questions through your content. Is your content answering the question or curiosity that your headline left your reader with? You drew them in, now give them the information! Are you answering it quickly? People want to scan and be able to pull the big picture out briefly. Most importantly, don’t leave them hanging. They came to see what you have to say, so tell them and give them a reason to come back.  
  1. Be Trustworthy.
People often write inaccurate content, which can be related to exactly what we were telling you about earlier, not taking the time to fact check. Fact-checking the content you put out to your customers is a must. Taking the time to do this simple check will take to you a long way. If you link out to other blogs, make sure they are a trusted source. Why? Because doing this will back up what you’re writing about and provide even more trust to your reader. It will also help the search engines figure out how to categorize you by linking your sources to your content. Always keep in mind, accuracy builds trust, and trust builds returning visitors.   Use these last recommendations to set you apart: We always hear about the importance of being “user-friendly” or “mobile-friendly”, but your main priority is to focus on being reader-friendly. Illustrate what you’re saying with your words, but also with visuals. A picture and video are worth a thousand words, but only if the images add value. Use images or visual aids to reinforce your point, not to confuse or to fill up space!   It’s important to do this process right, so cut out the fluff, keep your content fresh, and plan your way to content that doesn’t just attract clicks, but gets attention.   Written by Raquel Beltran.
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