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An Event Apart 2015

Earlier this year Jeremy Paris and I had the pleasure of attending the 2015 An Event Apart Web Design Conference in Boston Massachusetts. This is an excellent conference for any company that works with web development, design, UX, marketing, or social media. Every year there are great presenters that talk about new standards in the industry and different ways of looking at what we do every day. CEucxR_WAAESDMs Many people think that only developers and designers should attend this conference but it so much more to offer then just that. For instance Sarah Parmenter discussed social media and different ways that it can help, but also hurt your company and brand. I had no idea that studies have been done that you will get more engagement in your posts, tweets, and instagrams if you don’t use professional photography. That professional photography should only really be used for the banner/header images on Facebook, or for your background on twitter. We also learned about writing sensitive content from Kate Kiefer Lee, which was extremely useful. When creating an email for when a credit card is declined or even just a simple “you typed an incorrect password”, Lee taught us that there are wrong ways of stating this information. The biggest take away from this talk was that when you’re writing these “sensitive messages” that you should write it as if you are telling the user in person. For instance you probably wouldn’t be yelling at a user that there credit card got declined or put in the wrong expiration date, so we should probably avoid using exclamation marks since it might give off the wrong message. Another very informal presentation from Eric Meyer talked about how when we design websites and user experiences that we need to keep in mind that not all users that are on our websites are going to be in great moods. There are going to be instances where someone is on your website with a goal in mind and might be very frustrated or angry because of the situation. This could be the case if you are on the side of the road with a car that wont start and your trying to get the phone number for a towing company but the number is not easily found on their website. In this situation the user is already irritated that they have a broken car but now also cant find the phone number to resolve the situation. When we are designing and building websites, we need to think of these users and have our sites function properly for all situations. There were also great presentations from everyone else, a couple being the importance of keeping page speed in mind and making sure we don’t make our websites slow on mobile devices. We learned some great tricks from Chris Coyier about SVG’s that we will continue use in our development team. These tricks and techniques will help us keep on the cutting edge of technology while making sure our websites are efficient. This is a fantastic conference for anyone, not just developers and designers to attend. Marketers, content creators and account management can benefit from this conference in a lot of ways as well. I am very glad that I had the honor of attending this conference with Jeremy Paris for wedü and I am excited to be able to use the tools we have learned on future projects.
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