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And the Oscar goes to…

wedü’s ever-imaginative Creative Services group recently devised an internal challenge: How to pay tribute to the Oscars in a unique and playful way?  The team suspected that most blogs and social media channels would discuss the pros and cons of Seth MacFarlane’s hosting abilities; spotlight the movies, actors, directors, etc. up for awards; and of course – speculate about Red Carpet fashion. With those typical angles sufficiently covered elsewhere, the wedü team decided to twist the subject matter a bit. Creative Director Chris Marchand explains, “From the moment that the Oscars came up in discussion, I had this kernel of an idea nagging at me: I wondered if there was an interesting way we could incorporate every single film title into some sort of narrative.” Chris says the story was already incubating in her mind, and as she started to refine it, the structure became a kind of riff on freeform poetry. She says, “I specifically challenged myself to create a story that had meaning outside of the individual subject matter of the movies themselves. It was like piecing-together a puzzle and I thoroughly enjoyed working it out.” wedü Senior Visual Designer, Derek Bedrosian, handled the visual illustration of the story. He cleverly incorporated the actual themes and characters of this year’s Academy Award-nominated films into his infographic-style interpretation, adding another layer of creativity and whimsy to our Oscars narrative. And now…on with the show!

Creative Marketing Infographic

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