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Humans of wedu: Bryan

I work a lot, I am very busy ALL THE TIME…I have three kids and another on the way…and whenever I am feeling really burnt out, I get the urge to just go hang out with people. Spend time with my friends and unwind by talking it all out. That time is very valuable to me because I don’t get a ton of it like I used to…when I was younger I was well known to stay up late through the night just hanging out with folks, didn’t really matter what we were doing just as long as I was with other people having fun.  Getting into rigorous conversation all night about our view of the world and sharing opinions and listening to theirs and arguing about it….it’s frustrating sometimes but I think a lot of people enjoy arguing their viewpoint. It’s rewarding. And that kind of conversation can take place within all types of activities, like hiking, or going out to a show to experience some jamband music, or a football game…as long as my friends are with me, we’re having fun, you know? One of the worst things that can happen is when I try to tell a joke and it just completely bombs in front of everyone and nobody laughs. I’m just standing there in awkward silence like uuggh….and it’s always something I was thinking of all day. If I come up with something on the fly, it’s pretty funny, people laugh, but if I think to myself “oh that’d be funny to say that”…then “oh this is the opportunity”, it’s always crickets. I could never do standup because I can’t plan being funny. I’ve thought about trying improv because it’s all in the moment.
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