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Content Marketing Infographic: How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

Yes, another blog post about content marketing. I may be starting to sound like a broken record here, but we see content marketing as such a critical component of just about any digital marketing campaign these days. It’s 2012. You no longer have an advantage by just being digital. Everyone else is here too. Your original content differentiates your brand and makes you stand out from the massive pack of competitors that are doing everything else you are doing online. You need to tell your brand’s story as creatively as possible and make it easy to find and share. When done correctly, a blog can act as almost a hub of your online activity. It is a valuable place to house and distribute your content from. Here is a helpful infographic from Social Triggers that dissects and explains the important components of a “perfect” blog post. Of course, blog posts serve many purposes and take on many forms, but this at least gives you an idea of the most common elements of a post. Sound interesting, but overwhelming? No problem. The members of our Digital Public Relations team are bloggers and social media pros. We know how to write an engaging, sharable post and how to distribute it to generate web traffic. Contact us for a quick brainstorm about how content marketing could work for your business.
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Infographic Credit: Social Triggers
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