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Creating a Landing Page that Converts

First, let’s state the obvious – DO NOT send advertising click-thru or even all click-thru traffic to your home page or just a ‘service’ or ‘product’ page on your website. Build custom landing pages for your marketing efforts. There are many things to think about when creating a landing page to ensure that it converts. The main purpose of a landing page is to generate leads so that marketers can then nurture them with more personalized marketing campaigns such as remarketing ads, email, and direct mail. What to focus on: The goal with any landing page content is to provide enough value to the visitor, that it entices them to provide you with their information – ideally their email address or even cell number. Whitepapers, eBooks, event and webinar registrations and app downloads are all great examples of content that encourage someone to provide you with their email address. The most successful landing pages use content and tools that aim to achieve a single goal. For example, if you are looking to promote an upcoming webinar on your landing page, make webinar registration the primary focus of the page. Offer various calls-to-action to drive visitors to the registration page and provide details on what they can expect from your online event. Landing pages that look to accomplish too many things are oftentimes disorganized and too lengthy, causing most visitors to lose interest and drop off. Remember, offering clean and concise yet valuable content that focuses on one goal will provide you with the most return. What types of content converts? There are many different types of content you can offer on your landing page but landing pages with video content and less copy tend to perform best. In fact, research shows that using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86% (Eye View Digital, n.d.), and landing pages with less copy lead to an average conversion rate of 14%, compared to 11% for landing pages with too much. Landing pages in the business sector with fewer than 100 words convert 50% more compared to pages with more than 500 words (Unbounce). Ways to maximize conversion:
  1. Test Often
Every aspect of your landing page can impact your conversion rate, so testing as often as possible and making adjustments based on the data collected will be crucial to improving your conversion rate.
  1. Define Your Audience
Define your audience and utilize data collected to further optimize content they respond well to. Buyers like personalized messaging that speaks to their needs and preferences. If your landing page is designed well, but the content does not speak to the audience, conversions will not happen.
  1. Optimize for Mobile
Users spend more than half of their time searching the web on their mobile phone when compared to a desktop. Optimize landing page for mobile – In fact, research shows mobile-friendly landing pages lead to an average conversion rate of nearly 11.7%, compared to 10.7% for desktop-only pages. Isolating your content to a single landing page for use with your advertising campaigns increases your chances of conversion. By providing visitors with a single area of focus, and an easy method for getting in contact with you, you are simplifying their journey to conversion significantly.
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