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Dear Facebook Brand Pages: Tag, You’re It

Recently, Facebook rolled out a new feature that allows a user to tag brand or product pages in their photos, adding to Facebook’s existing photo tagging feature. Facebook said that this new capability will allow people to share richer stories with their friends about the everyday products and places they interact with and, really, it does just that. Just imagine you’re outside, reading the latest issue of Reader’s Digest, and you snap a photo of the magazine. Not only can you share the photo with your friends, but now you can promote the brand by tagging it. To do this, you would follow the same steps as you would when tagging friends in photos- upload the photo, select ‘tag this photo,’ highlight the product or place, click and start typing. When you are done tagging, just click ‘done tagging.’ metropcs marketing social media weduSo, say the photo was taken while you were reading a Reader’s Digest in Central Park, well go ahead and tag the magazine and Central Park. You don’t even have to ‘like’ a page to tag it. The possibilities of page tagging are endless! The newly tagged brand photos do not appear directly on the wall of the brand or product but within their photos tab. See, I just tagged one of our marketing clients, MetroPCS, in a photo! Please note that, in order to have your tagged photo appear on the brand’s photos tab, you must change your privacy settings on the image to share with everyone. You may wonder what this new feature means for digital marketers. First, this new enhancement does allow the social scene to become that much more social by allowing people to become contributors to a brands photo presence on Facebook. Secondly, it gives brand fanatics another avenue to show their loyalty which also serves as word-of-mouth advertising. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! So, what products or places will you be tagging???  
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