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Double The Ad Means Double The Opportunity

Google announced upcoming changes to text ads on their search network in May. Expanded Text Ads, about two times the size of current ads, were one of the many exciting announcements for brands. Google has now officially launched them. But don’t worry, your standard text ads are safe for now.

What are Expanded Text Ads?

Brands now have twice as much space to advertise than before. Marketers have been trained to remember 25-35-35 for Google ads. This is a big change, moving to a 35-35-80 structure, with 70 characters allotted to the ad headline. The headline is split into two lines with a dash separating Headline one and Headline two. example  

With The Good Comes The Bad (Maybe)

Bigger sometimes means better, but in this case it isn’t better for everyone. In Google’s world you need to earn better and that is measured by quality score. More text allowances mean an ad could take up more pixel height on a screen.  In today’s mobile-first environment ads with a low quality score may not even be relevant on a mobile device. It’s time to test your campaigns to ensure your quality score is as good as it can be.  This will help you out exponentially when Google requires brands to transition fully to expanded text ads.

When should brands start using Expanded Text Ads?

Google hasn’t made it mandatory to switch your ads over yet, but you will benefit from switching them now. Early testing is always better, and you would be taking advantage of this time frame while still having your standard (and successful) text ads running. The bottom line is that marketers will need to test winning combinations for larger ad spaces over time.  Taking a proactive approach means extra attention from searchers now and a better quality score down the road while the competition gets up to speed.

What is my deadline?

Google will allow marketers to edit existing and create new standard text ads until January 31, 2017. After that they plan to continue to serve your standard text ads in search queries.  As of now there is no official date of when you MUST switch over to the new expanded ad format. This is just one of many rollouts Google has planned for the near future.  Stay on your toes and in the loop by subscribing to our blog.
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