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Engage Your Clients!

Experiential Marketing, Event Marketing, Hasbro, Nerf, NDTL, Mt Dew Tour, ChicagoThe wedü mantra is ENGAGE! You probably just pictured Captain Jean Luc Picard telling Number 2 to get the Enterprise moving, but no, it’s not a Star Trek reference. Engaging clients is quickly becoming the only way to generate sales. Although, the new movie does look exciting… We are inundated daily with mass media, instant messages, kiosks, advertisements, email, phone texts, even the gas pump talks to us today. Having only a message doesn’t work anymore. Now, you need to create an experience for your client. Engage them on all levels. Experiential marketing does it. It’s not new. You probably have heard it called Guerrilla Marketing or the close cousin Brand Marketing. There are a zillion names. Being able to have a client see, touch, hear, play with, use and taste your brand creates a memory for them. The key is the interaction that you create for the person. Whether it’s Red Bull’s extreme sports experiences or Underwriters Laboratories’ Safety Challenge Tour, the audience is truly engaged in the experience. Adults will feel the thrill and kids revel in the challenge and of course the success. Experiential events typically hit larger urban locations because, while engaging people is the key, one on one is a bit too intimate for guerrilla warfare. We like crowds – existing crowds or self-made ones. We’re happy to hit the streets of New York [coming soon] and show off our stuff to let everyone see our creative side or to deliver a message trade show style. Regardless of your industry there’s a way to engage clients – need an idea – we’ve got a few for you. Give us a ring and we’ll brainstorm with you.
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