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Event Marketing Summit Recap

Our wedü Loco team had a great experience at the 9th Annual Event Marketing Summit last week in Chicago. They weren’t kidding calling Chicago the windy city. They should have added that it’s super cold in May and you need to bring a fall jacket!  Although windy and cold, the food at Graham Elliot was fantastic and the atmosphere was even better! wedü had the opportunity to present the success we had with the Reader’s Digest We Hear You America tour to approximately 800 experiential brand and agency marketers. Among the other presenters were brands like Yahoo, Cisco, Ford, ESPN, Boeing and so many more. This was the first year the Summit had a virtual presenter, Marilyn Merserau from Cisco, and it was amazing. We were lucky to hear about what other brands and agencies are doing in this space and offering up some key learnings and best practices from events all over the world. The focus this year was, of course, around the digital space and how brands are using it to their advantage. The big take away for me this year was video. We saw time and time again how brands are using video for their online and offline activation strategy. My favorite session was, of course, Reader’s Digest but in second place was IFC’s Bollywood Flash Mob session where we got to see a ton of Flash Mob examples so we can compare our execution to what has been done before. Yes, we have a fun job! Pepsi was the big winner at the Ex Awards for their DEWmocracy2 program which I’m a huge supporter of….drinking Mt. Dew I mean! The vendors exhibiting were also great, bumped into a few of our wonderful partners like Turtle Transit who wrapped our RV for the Reader’s tour and VEE who we will be working with in the near future.
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