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Facebook Advertising Case Study: How Creative Use of Sponsored Story News Feed Ads Spiked Engagement

In yesterday’s post, I told you how to use the various Facebook advertising units creatively to increase your page and post engagement. I thought it may be good now to share a quick example of how mixing up different ad options recently led to a significant spike in page engagement for one of our clients. The New Hampshire Driving Towards Zero (NHDTZ) initiative is a coalition of public and private entities in New Hampshire that have come together to put an end to roadway deaths in the state. As NHDTZ’s agency of record, wedu is tasked with getting the message of education, awareness and prevention out to all of New Hampshire’s drivers. Facebook has proven a great venue for education and Facebook advertising has been a key component in raising awareness of the program and extending the reach of our critical educational posts.
NHDTZ Traditional FB Ad Example
Sample Traditional Facebook Ad
We spent the first month of the NHDTZ campaign using traditional Facebook ad units to raise awareness of their Facebook page. As with advertising any new page, you need to build a solid base of page likes before you can start getting creative with some of the more social ad units. Once we had built a solid base of likes on the page, it was time to start focusing our advertising budget on lower-cost, more efficient sponsored story ad units to build awareness through increased page reach, spur post engagement and capture additional likes.
NHDTZ Sponsored Page Ad Example
Sample Sponsored Page Facebook Ad
Sponsored story ad units act as advertised social recommendations. The viewer of the ad sees your page or a specific post on it along with the names of any of their friends that may have engaged with it. These are powerful and generally cheaper ad units than traditional ones. Social Media peer pressure is alive and well and very useful to digital marketers! Our team focused on two sponsored story ad units to bring a social element to the NHDTZ Facebook advertising campaign- sponsored page and sponsored posts.
facebook sponsored post ad example
Sample Sponsored Post Facebook Ad
Since our Digital Public Relations team was in charge of the monthly NHDTZ social media content calendar, they were able to work with our Digital Advertising team to craft educational page posts that were eye-catching and engaging and could be used in sponsored post ads throughout the month. Additionally, all of the new sponsored ad units were targeted to the desktop and mobile news feeds of the targeted Facebook users. It has been our experience that, since Facebook started letting advertisers target where the ad is placed, sponsored story ads do much better in news feeds than in the traditional sidebar spot. Our clickthrough rates and cost per click have been significantly lower in the past using this approach. The success of this campaign expansion were well beyond our expectations. Our campaign clickthrough rate spiked from .07%, which was already on the very high side of what we like to see for a geographically-limited Facebook ad campaign, to an astronomical .25%! In addition to the increase in ad clicks, the new units packed much more bang for their buck. After adding sponsored stories to the ad mix, our cost per click dropped from $1.20 to $.80 per click! Another impressive change in campaign performance as a result of the ad expansion was the increase in page engagement. The sponsored posts saw hundreds of likes/shares/comments which meant that our message was reaching a much greater audience than previously. Not only did this raise brand awareness and assist with the educational component of the campaign, but we also know that the likelihood of Facebook users seeing our page posts in their news feed (for free) in the future increases as they engage with the page. The final number that should be highlighted here is page likes. As a result of the combination of the sponsored page ads in the news feeds, continuing to run the traditional ads and the increase in exposure our page received from the sponsored post likes/share/comments, our daily rate of new page likes spiked considerably.
Facebook sponsored stories page like results
NHDTZ Daily Facebook Page Likes
So much can be done to build a page and achieve your digital marketing objectives through the creative use of Facebook advertising. Success comes from knowing what it is you want to accomplish with Facebook advertising, understanding the more advanced features of the various Facebook ad units and developing a comprehensive plan and timetable for how and when you will be using each ad. Sound like a bit more than you’d like to tackle? No problem. Contact us today and let our Digital Advertising team put our knowledge of Facebook advertising to work for you!
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