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We’re Facebook Agency Partners!

As an agency of a certain size and level of expertise, wedü benefits from having a Facebook Partner Manager. This program was designed to help marketing agencies and their clients do great things on Facebook. As a Partner, wedü is invited to cool events to build our knowledge base and our skillsets within the Facebook platform. Most recently, a member of our Digital department, Carolanne attended the US Agency Expo in New York City. Carolanne enjoyed countless Facebook Agency Marketing Partner introductory sessions as well as many interesting breakout sessions from Facebook platform experts. Her favorite session? The new media plan! This talk tested the impact of investment in traditional media versus that of digital media, and why it is vitally important to invest in both. Facebook experts explained the importance of spending more than just the minimum ad spend possible in digital, as it will greatly limit your results. By being a Facebook Agency Marketing Partner, agencies get access to a comprehensive package of direct technical support and growth drivers. While onsite, Carolanne had 1:1 access to consultations with Facebook experts, who strive to enhance her understanding of the different operating platforms. In fact, Facebook assesses the skill level of agency team members and develops a learning plan with courses, video lessons, and virtual workshops on Facebook products like Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook Pages, as well as measurement solutions. This gives team members a full suite of knowledge to take their Facebook skills to the next level and become certified experts. Carolanne learned quite a bit about the new partnership, but her biggest takeaway was completely unexpected. As she typically works with wedü’s Partner Manager at least every other Friday, she found it as a major surprise that the partner team is actually broken up into 9 different groups, each one of which specializing in a different area of Facebook advertising. For any client that is running social ads or needs social platform management, this is an incredibly valuable asset. With wedü’s extensive knowledge of the Facebook platform, it comes as no surprise that we would be Facebook Agency Partners. Whether you intend on sharing your brand’s message via paid social or not, our team has the expertise to strategize a plan custom to you and your audience.   Written by Carolanne Donovan.
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