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Facebook’s Behavioral Targeting for Wine and Spirits Advertising

Is your brand positioning the right message in front of the right people on Facebook? Or, are you dooming your budget by attempting to outspend, instead of outsmart, your competition? Unlike traditional ad spend; digital, bid-based, advertising platforms such as Facebook and Twitter reward better placement (and lower costs) to brands with more engaging ads. If you’re tired of wasting your budget on the traditional broad “21+” categories, learn how to use big data and behavioral ad targeting to improve your results with impressions that make an impact. Read on how behavioral targeted advertising can be applied to your wine or spirits marketing on Facebook, or take a step back for the bigger picture with a brief introduction to behavioral targeting.

Behavioral Targeting with Facebook

Facebook’s ad targeting allows for the creation of very specific targets based on interests and demographic data. A traditional and personal favorite use is competitive targeting to pull fans of competing brands to your side of the shelf. Behavioral targeting on Facebook allows you to further refine your targeting by building on real world behaviors through the use of their big data partners. Key Targetable Behaviors for Spirits and Wine for Facebook Include:

  • Purchase Behavior: Alcohol
    • Wine
    • Spirits
    • Beer
      • Craft
      • Premium
      • Light
      • Import
      • Domestic
Don’t settle for the same targets as your competitors. Facebook also offers some intriguing options that can introduce a creative edge for effectively placing your brand in their lifestyle, such as:
  • Lifestyle Indicators
    • Luxury SUV Owner
    • Sports Car Owner
  • TV Habits
    • Watches Cooking Shows
  • Career Information
    • Blue Collar or White Collar

Steal This Idea for Facebook Ad Targeting: The Italian Getaway

Have an Italian vineyard in your brand portfolio? Consider promoting your labels to those researching Italian getaways with creative inviting them to ‘sample Italy from home.’ The same concept can be used for France, South America and Australian vineyards, as well as Scotland and Ireland for their iconic spirits offerings.

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