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Google Click-to-Call Mobile Advertising: The Modern-day Yellow Pages Advertising

In previous posts, I discussed the mobile explosion that the digital marketing world is in the midst of. With so many consumers using their smartphones to search for and access information, businesses of all sizes are flocking to mobile advertising to reach their target audiences. Google, the undisputed king of search advertising, has a mobile advertising option, click-to-call, that should be a no-brainer for small-to-medium-sized businesses, but unfortunately many are unaware that this option even exists. So how does Google mobile advertising work? Simple. Say a consumer uses his smartphone to search for a product or service your business offers. The consumer searches using a keyword, sees your mobile ad in the search results and, with click-to-call, then has the option of dialing your business directly from the ad. There is no need to click on the link to your website and wander around the site searching for contact information. Everything the consumer needs to give you a call is contained right there within your ad! Here is a brief video that Google posted which gives a good demonstration of how click-to-call works: According to Google, ads that include a click-to-call option experience a 6 to8% increase in click-through rates. In the digital advertising world, this represents a huge increase. Click-to-call is a Google advertising extension, meaning that it is an added bonus to your mobile advertising campaign; the click-to-call option is simply added-on to your mobile advertising campaign and calls made by consumers will cost you the same amount as a normal click on one of your ads. Click-to-Call is the modern-day equivalent of Yellow Pages advertising, only better! Like Yellow Pages advertising, click-to-call leads are highly qualified because the smartphone user is searching for information on the products and services you provide. Unlike Yellow Pages advertising, click-to-call gives your business the ability to measure the effectiveness of each ad through reports that give information such as how many calls you received for each keyword or ad. This powerful feature allows advertisers to test ad effectiveness, monitor and tweak keywords or ad content, if necessary. Rather than the “set and forget” nature of traditional advertising, you are now able to use strategy and testing to find your optimal ad combination. If your business is not utilizing Google’s click-to-call advertising features, you are literally losing qualified leads daily. Our digital advertising experts have worked with businesses of all sizes and can work with you to devise a mobile advertising strategy and budget. Our team doesn’t just place the ads and sit back for a month while they run. We use Google’s analytical features to monitor and modify the ads, as needed, to ensure you get the optimal bang for your mobile advertising buck. Contact us to get started with digital advertising.
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