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Google Continues to Improve the Power of Advertising

google adwords Yesterday, Google AdWords announced enhanced campaigns. Cutting to the point, Google has added greater advertising targeting ability. They realize that users are more receptive to advertisements that target them based on location, the type of device they are using and even the time of day. Google realizes what many networks do not yet get: That the target of the ads (you and me) actually appreciate relevant ads. Imagine that? Welcoming advertising into your digital world! I know that if it’s raining in NYC and i forgot to bring my umbrella, my interest in Uber(the black car app) or the guys selling umbrellas on the street corner goes up exponentially. If I happened to be looking at my mobile device when 5:00 somewhere hits, say, perhaps near a beach, I may be looking for an appropriate social zone to re-hydrate  Now, Google advertisers just may help me find that place. I appreciate advertisers (to a degree). When a company advertises, I believe they take their business more seriously. The message, the creative, the method of advertising all contribute to forming my opinion of that company. Good ads get more respect from me, too. Surprised? The Google AdWords enhanced campaigns give advertisers and brands a great new opportunity. With great power comes great responsibility. Thanks Google. Learn more about enhanced campaigns here.
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