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Holiday Hacks for Social Media

The holiday season is just days away, are your social media pages ready? Regardless of what industry you’re in, your social media pages are the front lines for customer service during this season of chaos. In addition to the surplus of sales and customer questions, there is an added amount of pressure to keep your page on par with others and up to date with all the digital and seasonal trends. Luckily, there are a few hacks for keeping your social pages in check this holiday season, leaving you with more time to finish your own shopping and leave the office without worrying about your platforms!   Deck the (social) halls! An easy way to add plenty of holiday cheer to social media profiles is to change your profile and header photo to something seasonal. Whether that means a Santa hat, something snowy, or even just some red and green, it can go a long way in staying seasonally on point. You can even set your photos as temporary so you won’t be forced to remember to take them down. Hire a holiday chatbot. This may sound intensive, but it’s really not. Facebook will allow you to easily set up instant replies in your messenger which will be equipped to handle basic customer needs. We recommend having it set to send them to your FAQ page to have their most commonly asked questions answered. Spread some joy. The holidays are a great time to relax your social media strategy a little and have some fun instead. The majority of your followers are going to be super distracted and overwhelmed. Give them a quick break from the constant flurry of sales and products by posting a fun holiday poll (does Die Hard really count as a Christmas movie?) or by sharing some fun photos of your team decorating cookies. Take a moment to highlight what brings you joy this season and share it with your audience! Schedule now! The majority of your posts, if not all of them, can be scheduled now! If you don’t already have your Merry Christmas graphic scheduled for December 25th…take some time to schedule it today! There is no reason for you to be picking up your phone during your family gathering to post on your social pages. Take the time to schedule anything and everything now! Share your hours. Before the holidays even start, be sure to schedule a post listing your holiday hours, drawing attention to any major changes (such as any extended hours or closures on Thanksgiving or Christmas). Be sure to include a quick note about where followers can reach you for customer service and when they can expect an answer. If you’re closed, your followers won’t expect your social media pages to be very responsive either.   Lastly, don’t forget, digital marketing agencies such as wedü would be more than happy to handle all of your social (and other digital marketing) needs during this hectic holiday season. Doing so will leave you with more time to address the many other needs your business has this time of year. From all of us at wedü, we hope you and everyone at your business has a Happy Holiday season filled with cheer and plenty of digital marketing success!   Written by Kateri Bean.  
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