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How to Build an Engaged Facebook Fan Base

Businesses have countless reasons for setting up a Facebook brand page these days. Building brand loyalty, generating website traffic, improving customer service, driving offline sales and product research and development are all examples of outcomes brands value and are looking to achieve when setting up shop on the world’s largest social network. Generally speaking, the desired Facebook marketing outcomes listed above are predicated on building a solid fan base with whom your brand can interact and engage. So how do you do that? It’s actually easier than you think, providing you are willing to invest a bit in your efforts.

Building Your Base

With all the noise and competition on Facebook these days, a combination of incentivizing likes and advertising the offer is unquestionably the best way to build a quick following. Your like-incentive can come in a number of different forms. Coupons, sweepstakes, product giveaways, non-profit donations in a user’s name and premium access to services are all various ways brands have found success in generating a great deal of new likes in a relatively short period of time. In order to offer up your like-incentive, you may need to create an app, setup an editorial calendar and promote through the campaign posts, or use a third-party. Regardless of how you go about providing the incentive, make sure there is a mechanism in place to require a like before the incentive is delivered. Of course, your offer is only effective if people know about it, which is where Facebook advertising enters the picture. Continue to Page 2
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