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How To: Find and Keep the Perfect Brand Ambassador

A vital component of a successful experiential marketing program is a team of quality field staff. With all of the time that goes into planning an event – layout, elements of engagement, creative design and branding, it is equally as important to spend ample time recruiting, screening, hiring, training and developing a team of qualified event execution gurus.
Let’s be honest, the success of your event relies heavily on the expertise of your field staff.
To meet the demands of a fully integrated event execution, promotional staff must be reliable, responsible, quick thinking and of course extremely outgoing. But is that all? In this day of ever-changing technology with computers, tablets, and of course a little thing called social media, the landscape of promotional staffing has changed drastically over the past five to ten years. The event footprints are increasingly complicated and the brand messaging is more intricate. Staff is no longer required to just be cute, energetic, and charismatic. Now they are also required to be tech-savvy, multilingual product specialists. Field staff job  descriptions now routinely include the requirement to have a smartphone, Twitter and Facebook accounts, a digital camera, a computer with daily access to email and knowledge of the ever-changing technology in each of those areas. All of this is required for a part-time gig! So where do you find these individuals and how do you keep them on your team? Promotional jobs may seem like a dime a dozen, and truthfully they may be, but in order to execute a seamless event, you can’t just hire any warm body. Thus starts the search for the perfect Brand Ambassador (BA). The perfect BA is a sociable, charismatic chameleon, who can think quickly on his or her feet and be ready to make adjustments at a moment’s notice – all while representing a brand and its personality. The perfect Brand Ambassador has a smartphone, reliable transportation preferably in the form of an SUV, daily access to email and a laptop with the latest software. And did I mention this is a part-time gig with hours that may be dramatically different every day/week/month? Continue to Page 2
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