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How To: Find Google+ Brand Pages Easily Using Google Search

Google+ launched brand pages a few weeks ago  and since then scores of businesses of all sizes have set up pages. In fact, 61 of the world’s top 100 businesses have already made their Google+ presence known and have begun marketing to the social platform’s 40 million+ users. Google has also made it very easy to find Google+ business pages using their flagship search product. All you have to do is log into your Google account, go to and type the brand name with a + sign in front of it and you will automatically be sent to the Google+ page for that brand. Go ahead and try it. Log in and then search for +pepsi. Voila, Pepsi’s company page. It is important to note that this little trick only currently works for the larger brands, but global availability is right around the corner. We are still a little disappointed that this doesn’t work for our wedu page yet, but we did make it easy to find us. Just go to\gplus  to find our spiffy company page (and don’t forget to add us to your circles).
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