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Humans of wedü, Anna

Anna Pantazis, Account Manager “I swam with a whale shark. I am brave. Even when I don’t feel brave, I remember that I jumped in the water with a whale shark. First time snorkeling, I’m in Puerto Rico on a boat with my cousin and these guys, in retrospect it wasn’t a very professional operation if you know what I mean. These were just some local guys who had a boat and charged money to take tourists fishing and snorkeling. The guys saw some tuna so they grabbed their fishing poles and started fishing. And then one of the guys shouts “whale shark!” and suddenly everybody jumped into the water except for me. That’s not the reaction you would expect to that, right? So I’m alone in this boat while everyone else is in the water and I decide that it must be something cool and I wasn’t going to miss this, so I jumped in the water. Do you know how big a whale shark is? It’s the biggest fish in the ocean. Incredible. I’m in the water and I see it coming up out of the sea, the most huge huge huge mouth opens to take all the water and plankton in, it was amazing. The scuba divers were swimming right up to it and touching it…we did not touch the whale shark. Just being in the vicinity was enough. I had only been snorkeling for an hour! I was afraid to see sea turtles! I just wanted to see pretty little fish and I ended up next to a whale shark. I never watched Shark Week so I didn’t know it wouldn’t eat me, it would have been nice if they told me that. I carry a photo of that day in my padfolio and whenever I’m feeling a bit beat-down I look at it and it reminds me of the kind of person I am. I am brave. Swimming with a whale shark brave.”
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