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Humans of wedü, James

James Lane, Media Buyer “When I buy tickets to a show, I want to see a show. A spectacle. A real effort made at entertaining the crowd, not just a guitarist staring at his feet and off in his own world, right? That in mind, without question the best concert I’ve ever seen is GWAR. Their music is, frankly, unlistenable. Just the worst screeching speed metal noise, totally not my thing. But the stage show is just so incredible….the musicians are in these huge monster space-alien costumes…I have no idea how they manage to play an instrument while wearing what must be fifty pounds of awkward foam rubber and oversized masks. More monsters come onstage and do battle with each other. As they chop off each other’s appendages they’re squirting fake blood out all over the audience, feeding audience members into murder machines, more fake blood, any kind of cartoonish over-the-top offensive depravity they can act out with props and costumes and what must be hundreds of gallons of colored liquids shooting everywhere. And a mosh pit full of hardcore slammers who know what they’re doing, all fun and minimal injury. I’ll tell you, I’ve seen a lot of shows I really loved….The Dead, Prince, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Sharon Jones….but with a ticket to GWAR…and I saw them twice almost twenty years apart…you really get your money’s worth.”
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