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The Inbound Marketing Advice Your Brand Needs

wedü recently sent a team of wedüites to represent the agency at this year’s HubSpot Inbound conference, one of the most reputable events for the world’s most brilliant marketers. With over 26,000 people in attendance from countless countries near and far, this three-day conference draws quite the crowd. The conference featured headliners such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Jennifer Garner, Katie Couric, and Alexis Ohanian, all of which gave thoughtful, inspiring, and enlightening presentations about marketing, business and personal endeavors alike. Believe it or not, these big names make up just a small percentage of the 250+ industry-leading individuals on the presentation docket. Below is a sampling of presentations from just 3 of those industry experts the wedü team found exceptionally interesting! Larry Kim – The Top Ten Facebook Hacks of 2019! Larry Kim, the founder of Wordstream, shared where Facebook Marketing is in 2019 and where it is going in the future. Prices are rising on what used to be a very cost-effective platform for reaching target markets, leaving advertisers with more of a reason to be more creative and innovative with how they reach customers. For instance, there is the Inverted Unicorn. What is an Inverted Unicorn? That’s not important. What is important is that while everyone else is targeting by narrowing their audience, you will be taking a different approach. Why not combine totally unrelated interests to create a unique, and less expensive, market. As an example, targeting people who like Game of Thrones AND people who like e-mail marketing. In addition to lowering costs, this approach allows you to come up with engaging creative that targets this unique cross-section. An e-mail marketing ad is boring. A dragon-themed e-mail marketing ad though? It will draw the attention of a Game of Thrones fan long enough to understand they are viewing an e-mail marketing ad. Mari Smith – The Future of Facebook: Where Marketers Need to Focus Today for Maximum Results Tomorrow Mari Smith often referred to as the “Queen of Facebook”, is closer to Facebook than just about anyone. Listening to her can give you real insight into where you should be focusing your energy. Mark Zuckerberg has been in front of Congress defending Facebook’s dubious record on privacy, and it is clear from their recent moves that they are looking to improve their image in that regard. This new direction from Facebook is something marketers can capitalize on. Mari sees four upcoming trends: messaging, Instagram stories, meaningful Facebook groups, and video. Brands will need to leverage Facebook messenger to reach out to their audiences through Chatbots and drip marketing campaigns. This is a great way to engage with the desired audience and learn more about them to further tailor ad messaging. Instagram stories will be less about performance, and more ephemeral. Brands may balk at putting effort into content that disappears. However, with the public’s increased focus on privacy, there is more interest in engaging on a platform that isn’t storing information long-term. Before news feeds, Russian hackers, and ad targeting, Facebook was a place for people to connect with friends. Facebook is looking to tap into its roots with a focus on Facebook Groups. You will start seeing an increase in television advertising promoting Facebook Groups. This will increase the user’s engagement with the platform and also provide advertisers with a great way to interact with a target market. Brands can interact with Facebook Groups, and the Boost Button is coming soon which will allow brands to promote within these groups. Finally, it is no surprise that Facebook is focused on video, just like everyone else. Facebook’s angle is focusing on more engaging, long-form content. They want to be less passive then YouTube. They encourage watch parties to make live video a communal experience. Facebook Watch is a channel that is attracting talented people who have a following. Red Table Talk, for example, has received 34 million views. More notably, the average person is watching between 18 and 19 minutes at a time. This is an eternity in terms of capturing an online user’s attention. Marcus Murphy – 10 Ways to Network, Increase Sales Conversations and Generate 80% More Leads Using LinkedIn Marcus Murphy is the Head of Sales at DigitalMarketer and sits on the advisory board for LinkedIn. He is a dynamic presenter who is very eager to share his knowledge. LinkedIn currently has over 500 million in 200 countries. They are adding two new users every second and have an ambitious goal of 3.2 billion. You only get 30,000 connections, and Marcus wants to help you make the most of them. He makes recommendations on how to improve every piece of your LinkedIn presence. His recommendations range from improving your profile (Gather endorsements/recommendations, don’t list your job title as “ninja”) to how to optimize content (effective native video in a professional context). In addition to an overall message of being professional and interacting in the way you would in person, he stresses impact over reach. Video will be a big focus for LinkedIn going forward including LinkedIn Live. Product demos, man-on-street interviews, industry event coverage, and how-to videos are all ways that you can use video to share your message.
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