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Inside wedü: wedü Rocks Peer Recognition

As a service business, wedü can only thrive if we have a group of dedicated, engaged employees. Like you, we are constantly looking for ways to recognize our employees for their great work. Much of that recognition comes from management, but equally important to an employee’s engagement is peer recognition. We recently began using, a system that helps peers recognize each other through a system of micro-bonuses. wedü gives each employee $100 bucks each month to use to recognize large and small contributions by their teammates. Each time recognition is given, a note explaining why is included, along with a hashtag calling out the category of the achievement. For wedü, these categories are tied directly to our six core values: teamwork, leadership, innovation, customer-first, integrity and initiative. Not only does this reinforce our core values on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis, but also allows management to see the values that are reinforced the most. The best part? These bucks hold real value – with an accumulation of bucks, employees can purchase gift cards, donate to charities or even buy lunch for you and a co-worker. As an added perk, we give each employee $500 additional bucks during their birth month, to give a bigger perk to a peer that has truly gone above and beyond. also integrates with Yammer, a private social network we use to keep a constant flow of communication at wedü. Each time an award is given, an alert is shown in Yammer, further promoting it throughout the company. So how well have wedüites adopted In the last 90 days, 95% of the staff have given bonuses AND 100% have received bonuses. Teamwork is our leading core value, representing nearly 50% of all bonuses given.
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