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Insider Tips to Going Viral

Every brand dreams of going viral. Getting your brand’s content, and hopefully, product, in front of millions of people can transform a brand into a household name overnight. However, there’s no set path to going viral. Most brands that have successfully done so, have a marketing agency orchestrating their every move to reach that point, but, even then, most viral campaigns are the result of really good marketing and a stroke of luck. While we can’t ensure you get lucky, we can help with some viral marketing best practices that could up your odds at going viral. Keep reading to see our agency insider tips on how to make your brand the next big hit on the internet. Quality over quantity. It’s cliché but it’s true. You need to give consumers content that is worth interacting with and (hopefully) sharing. Merely plastering the internet with ads showing off sub-par or boring content won’t get the job done. Instead of focusing on how many times you get people to view your content, focus on the value of the content. Bud Light’s viral sensation, Dilly Dilly, wouldn’t have made it far without their clever humor and connections to pop culture. They were able to go viral not because of how many times their ad showed, but because they were able to captivate their audience right away. Hire the right squad. You’ve probably heard a lot about the impact of social media influencers and that’s because many brands rely on them. Influencers can get your brand in front of much larger audiences, and encourage engagements and shares that your own social media page could never do on its own. Partnerships with influencers can be hugely beneficial to starting a frenzy around your products or brand, but selection of the right influencer is critical to success. Not just anyone with a couple hundred thousand followers will do, you should select influencers (or micro-influencers) that are popular with your target audience. FIJI water’s recent partnership with Instagram workout star, Danielle Bernstein, was a match made in heaven. As she pushed her own product during her workout routines, she subtly reminded her fans to stay hydrated while drinking a bottle of FIJI Water. This cleverly crafted ad style made her posts seem less like an ad and much more genuine. Be relatable. Users are much more likely to share your content with their family and friends if they can relate to it to some extent. Nobody wants to interact with a brand or persona that they feel they have nothing in common with. No matter how funny or attractive your ad may be, it won’t amount to much if your audience can’t see your product fitting into their daily routines. The more relatable you become, the easier people can envision your brand being a part of their day to day lives. The Dollar Shave club relied on this sense of relatability to grow their brand. Now, after their various viral commercials, many Americans can’t imagine shaving without them. Play on emotions. Everyone loves a good sob story. It’s hard to forget an ad that made you cry, and plenty of brands are utilizing this. The interesting thing about emotional ads is that they don’t always need to tie directly to your product. For example, this viral commercial for GoPro didn’t feel like a commercial at all. The only tie the video had to the product was the fact that it had been shot using one of their cameras. However, the emotions the commercial stirred up for the audience led to a viral video for their brand. Surprise people. Think outside the box! Depending on your brand, your audience somewhat expects certain messaging and branding from you. Don’t be afraid to break away from what is traditionally used and explore other more exciting options. There is nothing enticing or memorable about an ad that is completely expected. TD Bank broke away from the typical advertising you’d expect from a bank and took advantage of funny instead. Their recent campaign that was far from traditional bank advertising resulted in not one but multiple viral ad videos. While we can’t promise you that your next campaign will go viral (after all, the odds are pretty slim) these practices will improve your marketing and help you reach audiences you hadn’t before.   Written by Kateri Bean.
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