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Introducing our new Junior Account Manager, Kim Dinsmore!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join us in welcoming Kim Dinsmore to the wedü family! In her role as junior account manager, Kim will be responsible for creating and executing traditional and digital advertising and marketing campaigns. Prior to joining wedü, Kim worked as a program coordinator and communications specialist where she was responsible for the creation and execution of communication strategies and the management of numerous third party vendors and contractors. A native of Londonderry, NH, Dinsmore holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from San Jose State University.  In her free time she enjoys experimenting with new recipes and spending time with her husband and their dog, Duncan. KIM Would you like to learn more about Kim? We played a modified version of 20 questions to get to know her better! What is your favorite marketing book or blog? It’s not technically a marketing book, but years ago a good friend gave me a copy of “Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation”, and I LOVE it.  I like to display it like a badge of honor.  Punctuation saves lives! Why did you want to work at wedü? The culture just cannot be ignored.  Just look at wedü’s social media pages, and you can just tell that people truly enjoy working here. Of all the things you have done in your career, what do you feel the most passionate about? Developing my interpersonal relations skills.  It is such a key factor in any field, and is often neglected due to life stress, work load, etc.  I am a huge proponent of “treat others as you’d like to be treated”, so in each step of my career I have learned a little bit more about how to utilize that to my professional advantage.  Working relationships are so much easier with mutual respect! What’s your music taste? Almost everything.  I have yet to hop on the Country bandwagon (I’m such a stubborn Taurus), but everything from Sinatra to The Beatles to Pearl Jam to NSYNC is fair game.  Creating Pandora stations is a real struggle. What’s your worst habit? Coffee snobbery/addiction. My goal in life is to convince every Dunkin Donuts enthusiast to drink literally anything else. Favorite hobbies? I love to cook! Pinterest ignited the desire to experiment with new recipes years ago, and it has stuck.  Some work out better than others, but I like to take over the kitchen and invent deliciousness.  
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