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Locked Up, And Happy About It

You’ve all seen them – they are popping up everywhere. Those places where you pay to lock yourselves in a room to see if you can work as a team and figure out how to get out. Sound like torture or worse, an unnecessary diversion to your busy day? I challenge all managers to find a way to take the time to do these sorts of team building activities – you will be happy you did. A few weeks ago, we decided to lock ALL of the wedü brains into a room (or more specially three separate rooms) to challenge their problem solving skills to have a little fun and healthy competition on a Wednesday afternoon. And being the competitive bunch we are, we also wanted to be the fastest group out – not just under the one hour time limit. Team leads were chosen by those who were the most recognized for exemplifying our core values over the last 90 days (thank you bonusly for making this easy). The remainder of the teams were filled in randomly, spreading out the internal team across each of the three rooms. I am happy to report that this team building break from our normal work day was enjoyed by all – not only did people work together to solve non-work related problems but we learned a little more about each other. For example, I had one of the newest team members in my group and I was astonished by her ability to solve a riddle in the middle of a room with nine other people shouting out possible solutions. This sort of knowledge is invaluable when growing a team. We all need to know the strengths (and weaknesses) of each other to truly be greater as a whole than as individuals.
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