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Make Your Web Site Social and Reap the Benefits

Just a few years ago there was significant discussion of whether businesses would stop building web sites and move their information strictly to Facebook. I was vehement in my opinion then, and remain just as convinced today, this is not going to happen. Ironically, Facebook appears to agree. However, Facebook has also given us the power to yield the best of both worlds. With the Open Graph offering from Facebook you can easily embed Facebook related content into your site. Making your site more social can have tremendous results. Intelligent use of the Facebook APIs will let you alter a user’s experience with your brand. The integration is extremely simple, and sites should be converting at record speed to include this functionality. The content available from Facebook will be from one of two sources. It can either be the company’s Facebook Page information – their friends, timeline activity, etc. or more importantly it can be information about your site visitor. The latter is an extremely powerful offering, and I am shocked more businesses are not taking advantage of this. Let’s walk through a few examples of how this can help businesses. While the integration is beneficial to every business, it’s an extremely good fit for personal and professional service companies. Our need to purchase these types of services locally creates a hyper-local and relative social buying network. A person’s social graph on Facebook includes their Page Likes and Friends, just to name a couple elements. Imagine visiting a local physician’s web site and seeing a few of your friends who also like this physician. Do you instantly have a greater interest, comfort level and likeliness of trying this physician? Of course you do. The mutual friends are implied testimonials and this is a great endorsement for the physician to advertise. Apply this same scenario to a hair stylist, tailor, golf club fitter, personal trainer, etc. Creating these hyper-local social networks allows businesses to develop built in referral and testimonial content for their site. continue to page 2
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