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Marketing Automation For All – A Retrospective

A few years back, we told you all about how Marketing Automation was becoming more common, and more affordable for businesses of all sizes. In honor of Throw Back Thursday, we’re taking you back to this blog post because believe it or not, some brands still think automation isn’t for them! Spoiler alert, marketing automation can work for anyone!

As marketing automation and integration continues to become more affordable, and even built into existing email and marketing platforms, it will increasingly become a more valuable tool for marketing and sales team communications.

Look for automation to continue to serve a wide array of masters, from managing long-term B2B sales cycles to the continuation of customer engagement in consumer goods ecommerce. But with increased ease of communications comes a global increase in total communications. Expect this ease of automated communications to also carry more noise into an increasingly overstuffed inbox. 

Marketing automation isn’t email marketing, it’s scaled sales conversations. Smart brands will stand out in the inbox and stay away from the spam folder by using automation to consistently deliver timely, value-added content instead of the too-common ‘touching base’ frequency hits.

With more platforms offering enterprise-level logic, lead scoring, and deep integration with customer relationship management tools, marketing, and sales teams can hold their automation systems to the same expectations as well-trained personal assistants.

Our team loves robots so it should come as no surprise that we’re experts in all the big players in the market, and some of the little guys, AND some of the industry-specific players. Want to learn more about how Marketing Automation can help your brand? Reach out to our team today.

  Written by Carolanne Donovan.
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