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Maximize Remote Work Productivity

In today’s day and age, a flexible work schedule is a great benefit to employees. CNBC reported in 2018 that, “More than two-thirds of people around the world work away from the office at least once every week.”[1] That’s 70% of the global population! There are a variety of reasons why someone would need to work remotely. Take me, for example. My wife is a nurse that works the night shift. I need the ability to work remotely and have a flexible schedule so she can sleep the next day and we can meet our needs as a family. However, as great as remote work is for some, it can also become an inconvenience to your teammates.  Projects have deadlines, meetings need to take place, and sometimes individuals are unable to come into the office.   This is a pretty normal scenario for many companies and there are a ton of useful resources and tools out there for employees to stay in touch with each other and continue to be efficient. Actually, the choices available to stay productive from your couch can become overwhelming. At wedü, we’ve recently experimented with a few tools that help us get the job done. Recently, I had two projects that needed collaboration between multiple remote workers, and I wanted to share the experience.   The tools we utilized to keep our projects on track were Miro and RemoteHQ. Both Miro and RemoteHQ are paid services, but they do have free options so you can test them out before deciding on a paid option.   Miro:   In our workplace, we have a great road mapping process that allows us to scope and plan our projects. It gives us a really good plan for how to best meet our client’s goals. One drawback, however, is that the roadmap is a physical process done in person using tools from days of old (notecards and pens).  This makes utilizing all this great information a little harder down the road. That is, until Miro enters the game! Miro is a collaborative whiteboard program, hosted online, that allows us to recreate our awesome roadmap into a digital copy. With it, we can match up our entire process when used properly. Using Miro has allowed me and my coworkers the ability to remotely finish our road map and our estimating. Miro updates in real time, so as I’m writing up a piece of scope to put on our board, my coworkers are writing up items to go with it, and we are all seeing what each other is doing. And, that’s not all Miro can do!  Our teams have used it for mapping out site architecture, content flows for different pages, and the user stories our UX team has provided. Whether in the office together or remote, any time we need to visually map out any type of information, Miro is an effective tool at helping us stay productive. I also really liked that we could group boards together as a project. It’s very useful when I want to go look at all the data for one specific project and I can view the associated boards.     Remote HQ: The second part of my recent experience was spent testing out RemoteHQ. There are various video chat options available on the web, but what I found really useful with RemoteHQ was the host of tools that are available to go along with the private video chat. So, while I’m video chatting with my coworkers, working through our Miro board, iterating on ideas and solutions, we can implement RemoteHQ’s tools to better communicate. This only adds to our ability to really help our clients, determining what the best solutions are to the challenge at hand. Some of the features we utilized were the “shared browser”, which allowed us to browse the web together; the “notes” option helped us keep track of our thoughts, and the “whiteboard” option gave us the ability to sketch out what we were seeing in our heads while planning our project. It was as if we were in the same room together, but we weren’t. We were working really efficiently from our own homes.     Overall, Miro and RemoteHQ really helped my team meet our goals and our clients’ deadlines while being able to keep our flexible schedules. Take my recommendation and try out both platforms to assist your team truly maximize their work from home productivity potential [1]   By Bryan Campbell
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