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Meet Your New Marketing Best Friend, Employee Advocacy

Considered somewhat of a dark horse in marketing strategy, employee advocacy is quickly becoming crucial to business growth on social platforms. With statistics such as increasing your social engagement by 8x, growing your retention by 37%, and receiving 24x your current social media shares, the value is impossible to miss. The strategy is simple, get your employees to share your content on social and beyond in order to increase brand awareness and, hopefully, gain some solid leads. While the process really is as simple as encouraging your employees to hit the share button a few times a week, a truly successful employee advocacy campaign involves a little more work. Since 2013, employee advocacy has grown by 191% with 45% of users naming it a top external objective, but while many businesses see the value in employee shared content, few of them know where to begin in setting up a strong employee advocacy program. The good news is, it’s a process that once implemented can benefit your business for years to come. Before delving into the world of employee advocacy it’s important to be aware of what your goals for the program are. Do you want to increase brand awareness or hire some awesome new employees? Are you trying to increase your social media footing or develop leads? Whatever your goal or goals are, they should be communicated clearly to everyone involved. Employee advocacy programs can have multiple benefits, but a little strategy can go a long way! The obvious next step in creating your successful program is to create content that is designed for sharing. It’s important to remember that just because something is relevant to your company, doesn’t mean it’s relevant to the average employee or, maybe, more importantly, their friends on social media. When creating the content, focus less on marketing and more on what would compel you to share something. Consider recent business events, job postings, accomplishments, new blog posts, and other more intriguing pieces, rather than content written for the sake of content. The next step is to properly train your employees about what should be shared and why. This aspect of the employee advocacy program will vary greatly depending on your business’s culture and voice.  Some of your employees might be very excited about the idea and eager to share their voice on social but others might be apprehensive and unsure of where to start. For those who aren’t super social savvy, it can be helpful to provide them with some pre-written message content so that they don’t feel pressured to create something on their own. Pre-written messages can also help to encourage sharing if employees don’t feel like they have enough time. Another crucial component is giving your employees an incentive for sharing, this can be easily accomplished with the promise of a prize and a leaderboard. Lastly, have fun! Social media is a great place to try new things and be creative. Some of your best posts might be totally unexpected. While sharing information about your business is definitely valuable, there is a time and place for other types of content too. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a little bit and encourage your employees to do the same! Who knows, maybe your brand will have the next viral post.
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