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Microsites: Giving an Online Presence to Your Marketing Efforts

A microsite is a website that is separate from your corporate site and generally is created for a specific purpose. Microsites are popular for events, special promotions, new products, awareness campaigns, etc. They are cheaper than a robust website but give your marketing efforts a landing spot for information distribution, data collection and media reference. Microsites also allow you to expand your marketing efforts beyond any geographical or time constraints that you may be facing, allowing your event or promotion to be seen across the world while you are sleeping. A keyword-rich microsite, accompanied by a search engine marketing campaign and a little social media creativity, add a dimension to your marketing efforts previously unheard of, resulting in a measurable return on your investment. Among the many microsites that wedü has created, our most recent was for Show-Me Shortline. Missouri farm equipment retailer, Show-me Shortline was looking to create an online presence for their new grain bagging product line. They asked wedu to design and build a microsite that served as both a marketing and sales tool for the products. The result is, a visually pleasing site that gives product information, pictures and videos and also allows the customer to easily find a dealer that sells the products. Microsites are easy, inexpensive and highly effective marketing tools. If you have a need for a microsite to promote something you are marketing, contact us today.
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