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Nonprofit uses Green Screen and Social Media to Earn National Awareness at NHGOP’s First in the Nation Leadership Summit

Earning media and attention at a conference brimming with presidential hopefuls, pundits, politicians and press is challenging. Non-profit organization Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions partnered with local firms b-fresh Consulting and wedü to gain attention from attendees and press, earning more air time than many candidate hopefuls without picketing, stump speeches or any distasteful interruptions. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) promotes stewardship of our environment as critical to national security and economic stability by reducing reliance on foreign resources while ensuring clean air and public safety. “We believe our nation should be a global leader in responsible energy generation.” said James Dozier, executive of CRES, “Energy policy has become an unnecessarily politicized issue. It’s time for elected officials on both sides of the aisle to stop arguing and work together for a better future.” To help CRES’ message stand out, partners b-fresh and wedü invited attendees to ‘stand in’ with a green screen photo booth featuring landscapes of New Hampshire’s environment. More than keepsakes, photo from CRES’ green screen were sharable to social media for participants to share their support of responsible energy. “NHGOP’s First in the Nation is an energetic event surrounding very serious topics,” said wedü CEO Sean Owen, “we wanted to add to that energy with a fun activation that supported Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions’ campaign while letting the community celebrate the event.” The CRES booth quickly became an attraction of the summit, earning more air time in local television coverage of the event than many presidential hopefuls. This has been featured in the The Boston Globe and WMUR.
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