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Our live-tweet 4th of July fireworks show follows family tradition

#4thofJuly fireworks To celebrate 4th of July this year, we’re inviting you into an old Frechette family tradition with a social media twist. My family probably seemed a little odd at the annual fireworks show, shouting over the fireworks explosions to name each after a member of our own family. The thin, lanky streamers were “Dad,” and the low “air burst” you could hear for miles (but barely see) were “Mom.”  It’s a bit odd, but those are some of my favorite childhood summer memories. This year, wedü took this old tradition and put it on the Internet stage with a live online fireworks #4thofJuly fireworks over San Franciscoshow that anyone can be a part of. When you send your tweet with the hashtag #4thOfJuly, it will launch a live firework with your name at for everyone to see. To celebrate your social media prowess, those with higher social media engagement scores from Klout will create even larger fireworks. Did you miss your tweet firework? Feel free to launch another, or see more of your own #4thOfJuly tweets interspersed with the live tweets by clicking on the “Show me my #4thOfJuly Tweets” by your name. You can also add your name to the URL, such as . The closer to the 4th of July festivities we get, the more dazzling the fireworks show will be, so be sure to check in often and pass this along to friends and family. Happy #4thOfJuly from our family to yours!
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