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Paying It Forward

Watching Patrick Stewart’s A Christmas Carol is a holiday tradition of mine. My father started this when I was about six years old after finding cassette tapes of A Christmas Carol read by Sir Patrick himself (yes, I remember cassettes, and used them too). Every year I make time to watch the movie, read the book, or attend the play like I did this year. The story is filled with lessons of generosity and goodwill that speak to everyone. In short, it’s a story that reminds us to think not of ourselves but of those around us. Here at wedü, we are always thinking of our clients. In fact, sometimes we forget to do some of our own marketing. Traditionally we send gifts to clients around the holiday’s, but this year we sent $20 to each client and gave them the task of paying it forward. You can imagine the look on our financial comptroller’s face when we asked for cash to send to clients. What we realized from this effort is how involved our clients are in their local communities. Whether it was donating to a local food bank, veteran home, pet rescue, or a family crowdfunding for their child’s treatments, all of these acts were done philanthropic people. Here are a few examples: _
Our staff got involved as well by collaborating and pooling our money to donate to local charities. It is a good feeling when a group of people, or in this case multiple companies, are aligned with the same ideals and are involved in their individual communities. It’s inspiring. The only drawback of the holidays is that they happen only once a year. This is not to say that the holidays are the only time anyone gets involved in charities throughout the year. However, the giving state of mind seems somewhat secondary after the holidays have passed. So what now? Well, to echo Scrooge, we encourage our clients and those reading our blog to “honor the holiday’s in your heart, and try to keep it all the year. Live in the Past, the Present, and the Future and never shut out the lessons that they teach”.
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