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Promoting your Content Marketing

Bestsellers Best selling books aren’t just written. They’re written then they’re marketed, placed and promoted. Successful content marketing requires that same balance – and that’s an important point often forgotten by new and senior marketers alike. Your blog isn’t a ‘Field of Dreams,’ it’s a best seller waiting for you to put it on the shelves, in the hands of editors and shared into your audience. You’ve built this content to promote your brand, but now you’ve got to promote the content so it can start doing its job. Let’s say you’ve written the perfect series of blog posts – now let’s look at some ways to promote you, your brand and your content to your industry and customers. Share Beyond the Brand Social: Sharing across your brand’s social channels is a great start for reaching your loyal followers, but encourage your more influential team members’ share with their own networks and applicable groups to expand your reach. This is especially effective for B2B brands with some of LinkedIn’s groups. Boost with Promotion: If the content you’re sharing is a strong content pillar, meaning that it both combines some previous work for a strong post while promoting into something larger such as a whitepaper, it may also be worth boosting/promoting this post to a targeted audience. Paid promotion can even ‘tip’ organic sharing for added value. Use ALL Channels: As a brand, you have MANY channels available to you. Your content makes a great addition to your regular email marketing and a nice touch point for your marketing automation lead nurturing streams. For pillar content, consider adding the content to email signature lines – especially those of your ‘outbound’ communications forces in sales and customer service. Editorial Outreach: If Babe Ruth only ever played in Yankee Stadium, how many people would have known how great he was at bat and on the mound? If you’re lucky enough to enjoy some status in your industry, consider pitching complimentary ‘sister content’ into select publications and blogs. While the benefits of being an author on websites your audience reads and trusts are pretty obvious, there’s also a great opportunity for SEO benefit for the one or two links in your guest article leading back to your source content on your own site.
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