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Send an Invite in a Diaper to a Reporter and Get Noticed

At wedu, we’ve built a name for ourselves over the years for being highly creative and just a bit crazy. Sometimes that creativity/craziness comes in the form of a wacky street team activation or Facebook app and sometimes it is sending a diaper to a reporter to promote a client’s event. We recently announced a scary new public relations and experiential marketing client, New England FearFest at Fright Kingdom. As part of their opening weekend celebration, we invited members of the local media for a behind-the-scenes, private tour of the facility. When your client is the largest haunted attraction in New England, you can’t send out just any invitation to the media. So, in order to help the invitees “prepare for a scare” our Public Relations Team delivered the invitations in, yes, adult diapers. Public Relations Creativity As you would expect, our little welcome packages grabbed the attention of just about everyone they were delivered to, along with a few people in between…you get a few strange looks walking into a building carrying a bag of adult diapers. The important part is: They noticed. There is no doubt  New England FearFest at Fright Kingdom’s welcome packages left a lasting impression on the local media. In fact, one editor even found the delivery different enough to post on her blog about it. Stay tuned for more public relations craziness…
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