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SnapChat Spectacles

Just before Christmas, I [finally] received the Snapchat Spectacles. If you don’t know what these are, simply put, they are sunglasses that allow you to record video and share via Snapchat. As with all new technologies, I had to have them. First of all, awesome go to market idea. Using a pop-up vending machines and placing them at unknown locations was a fantastic idea. It created demand via social channels from people lucky enough to have found the Snapbot. Snapchat drops a vending machine off at a location, snaps a picture and shares it via social channels. Hopefully one of your friends recognized the image and was close enough to grab you a pair. The word of mouth advertising on social is incredible. At around $150 a pair, it was not that bad of a purchase. snapbot2 Second, awesome packaging. When the vending machine spits out the package, it looks like a re-purposed tennis ball container and includes a yellow triangular hard case. The case is it’s own charging port. When the Spectacles are placed inside, they begin to charge. Even the receipt was uniquely colored and had binary code at the bottom as an easter egg. Tip of the cap to the product team here. Spectacles Packaging Aren’t these just like the Google Glass glasses? Not Really. When Google Glass was announced in 2013, rumors spread that the glasses were always recording just like today’s Google Home. This lead to some pubs and restaurants banning them – before they had a chance to go to the market. The bad publicity and expensive price tag left the glasses unwanted by many. Developers were very interested in these and they had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it was not the right time for the public. Flash forward three years and here we are, Spectacles being sold via pop-up vending machines and plenty of people – millennials – want them. I even reached out to an old friend who works for Snapchat to ask if they were coming to New Hampshire – no plans at that time. output_360So, what is better about Spectacles? First of all, Spectacles are limited mostly to the day time as they are sunglasses. Though sometimes, the sun never sets on a badass so you may find a person or two, maybe even me, wearing their Spectacles at night. Anyway, they record in HD, but not all the time. There is a button the user must press in order to activate the cameras. This means you can keep your phone in your pocket. Once the camera starts recording, a circular white light is visible on the front of the lenses for 10 seconds – an alert that the glasses are recording. When you are ready to save or share your snaps, Spectacles simply connect to the Snapchat app via Bluetooth. If you are a Twitter or Instagram person, you may have seen dozens of videos contained within a circle. There is a reason for this. The video is in fact recorded in a circular format so video can be viewed in a wider format on a phone when shared on Shapchat. When exported, the video is placed into your phone’s camera roll with the circular shape. Thus, when shared on other social media platforms, we see the circular video.   How about uses for Marketing? Well, I have not seen many companies using them. However, I can imagine these could be great for the right target demographic. If you are using Snapchat as a viable medium for your product or service, Spectacles give you the opportunity to showcase things from a truly personal perspective. For example, a day in the life of a person or role. Spectacles can save up to 100 snaps without being connected to a Snapchat account. So, you could give the glasses to a person for the day and ask them to Snap things they see. Once you get the Spectacles back, download the vids to your phone via Bluetooth and they will save to a camera roll in the Snapchat app. From here, you can review and decide when you post. Looking Forward Snapchat continues to impress me. Just recently they were in the news for wanting to be a major player in delivering TV through their app. Digital Advertisers, pay attention. Snapchat has 301 million active users as of January 2017. This surpasses Twitter by almost double and keeps growing. This is a big demographic of mostly millennials who are now becoming parents. The company had their IPO on March 2nd. With the added funding they will receive, I can imagine it will go to good use and they will continue to innovate. If you have not explored the Snapchat advertising world, now might be a good time.
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