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Social Media Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019

2018 is almost over, so what lies ahead on the 2019 social media horizon? The answer is, a lot of things, but some are of more relevance than others! See which trends will really be influential this new year and learn how you can implement some of them into your own social media easily. Live Video & Stories Going live was huge in 2018 and its popularity and influence will only increase this year. Diseñoideas estimates that video will make up 80% of all internet traffic and that same percentage is the number of people who prefer video content over text. Facebook live is an easy way to share authentic content in a way that is easily accessible for all of your followers. Just as with live video, stories were another huge hit of 2018 which show no sign of slowing down. Just like with video, stories allow you to share a lot of content in a variety of ways with ease. Chatbots In the world of customer service, chatbots are becoming more and more common and it’s easy to see why. Chatbots can easily handle basic customer service interactions and are quickly becoming the future for businesses that are looking for a way to spend less time handling their service areas. While chatbots may not be for everyone, they won’t be going away and in fact, they may become the most common way we experience customer service in the near future. Visual First Somewhat connected to the rise in video content, visual-first content is also seeing a huge surge in popularity. In 2019, it is fair to say that social media will be all about the visuals. As we break away from a text-first to a visual-first audience, it will be crucial to apply these considerations to your content. Making them visually appealing won’t be enough, instead, focus on how you can visually tell a story and get your point across without explaining yourself through text, because chances are, your audience might never even read it. Authentic User-Generated Content Creating a sense of authenticity is huge in digital advertising and in 2019 we expect that a popular way to create it will be through the widespread use of user-generated content. Your audience may get tired of hearing your voice over and over and begin to tune you out. Another risk which is just as dangerous is that they may lack trust in you and your brand without someone else reinforcing it. User-generated content is an easy way to kill two birds with one stone, by showing another person’s trust in your brand but also in a new light. As if that weren’t convenient enough, you’ll save time by not having to write the content yourself! Ephemeral Content We live in a culture which has a very strong fear of missing out. Use this to your advantage by creating content which won’t last forever. Apps such as Snapchat create a sense of urgency for users to be accessing content immediately because otherwise it will time out and be gone forever. Regardless of your brand, there are simple ways to play into this hype. Whether it is a flash sale or funny video, by telling your audience to participate now or risk missing out, you could gain some engagement. Depending on your social media platform needs and audiences, all of these trends can be utilized and on various levels. Armed with all, or some, of these techniques your social media platforms will be sure to start 2019 off on the right foot.
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